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Subscriptions for 2019-20 are as follows:

Club membership fee: $33

BAWA fee: $32 (paid by Home Club members only)

Total fee: $65 for Home Club members; $33 for others.

A nomination fee of $20 is also levied on all new members and members returning after an absence.

Please either pay the director on the day who will issue you with a receipt, or deposit your membership subscriptions directly into the club Westpac bank account BSB 036 031 Account number 150807 with your name and ABF number in the description.


Health authorities expect this flu season to be one of the worst in recent years. Unfortunately the age profile of our members means that many of us are particularly susceptible to catching the flu and similar illnesses. The Club has made a point of reminding members that they should stay home if they are not well so that they do not spread their illness throughout the club. Despite this we have had a few occasions when members have turned up to play even though they obviously are not well.

Accordingly the Management Committee has decided that it must take further action to protect the health of members, and has adopted the following policy:

If a person displays symptoms of having a cold or flu, such as severe coughing or sneezing, excessive nose blowing etc, Directors are authorised to exclude that person from playing on that day. Even if the event has started and one or more boards have been played, the Director is authorised to require the ill person to leave the premises.

The Management Committee recognises that this may disrupt the movement and prevent the sick personís partner from playing, but believes that priority must be given to providing a safe environment for players.

Mentoring - why not give it go? If your regular partner is away for a holiday, or any other reason, please think about independently mentoring one of our aspiring novices. You only need to know the basics of bridge and have a patient nature. If you are interested, contact our partnership coordinator, Claire Weston

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO MEMBERS: Any member or visitor requiring attendance by an ambulance (as deemed necessary by the Director of the day) although they may not have requested or consented to it, they will be responsible for the payment of the emergency service provided.